The issue of TAP was mentioned by the president of the CFP in response to the deputies of the Budget and Finance Committee, where he was heard as part of the discussion in the specialty of the proposed State Budget for 2023 (OE2023).

"We do not know the details of what is intended to be done, either in the conclusion of the restructuring process of TAP, or in terms of privatisation of the company, but it is clear that the situation of TAP concerns us", said Nazaré Costa Cabral.

TAP "is a so-called flagship company" and the question that arises at the moment "is how the company will be sold, at what price, under what conditions and to whom".

"I think these are issues that should start to worry the Portuguese, because the company has a very large liability, it is a company that has financial debt and, incidentally, some of it will expire next year, so it is important to see under what conditions this sale is going to materialise and the impacts it may have for taxpayers and for the Portuguese", said Nazaré Costa Cabral.