The strikes were scheduled by the Sindicato dos EnfermeirosPortugueses (SEP) and take place between 8:00am and midnight on the 17th, 22nd, and 23rd of November, in addition to the Civil Service strike scheduled for Friday, 18 November.

Leaders of this union delivered this Wednesday to the Ministry of Health, in Lisbon, the request to continue the negotiation process with the Government, and announced strikes due to the "negative discrimination" of nurses.

"The Ministry of Health continues not to clearly assume the payment of retroactive payments since 2018 and not to correct the relative injustices. There is no justification for the Ministry not to clearly assume this", defends the president of the SEP, José Carlos Martins.

On November 9, the Secretary of State for Health, Ricardo Mestre, explained to Lusa that about 20,000 nurses will be covered by the unfreezing of the salary progression negotiated with the unions, with the payment of retroactive payments to January of this year and the "raise of one or two pay positions".

At the same time, the SEP calls for equal pay with graduates from the Civil Service.