At the beginning of the year, given the post-pandemic situation of covid-19 and the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Rita Marques stated that the Government aimed to reach the end of 2022 with a tourist revenue “identical or slightly higher than 2019”, but the indicators show that the recovery has been taking place at a much faster pace than expected.

"Probably, at the end of this year, we will celebrate the already almost certain new record of tourist revenue".

In 2019, a record year for the national tourist activity, Portugal achieved tourist revenues of more than 18,000 million euros.

In September 2022, according to Presstur's accounts based on data from the Bank of Portugal, tourist revenues reached 2,378.69 million euros, an amount that exceeds by 351.7 million euros the same month of 2019, pre-pandemic, and exceeds by 72.2% or 997.5 million in September 2021.

In accumulated terms, from January to September 2022, tourist revenues amounted to 16,747.80 million euros, an increase of 14% or 2,058 million euros compared to the first nine months of 2019.