According to NM, hundreds of internet users shared a publication where the invoice appears, dated November 16, the same day that António Costa had lunch at Solar dos Presuntos, with the Minister of Culture, Pedro Adão e Silva, and Pilar del Rio.

Despite the coincidence, the receipt is not from the meal of the ministers and the wife of the late writer, and the restaurant has clarified this.

"A fanciful story has emerged about the bill for the meal that the prime minister had at Solar dos Presuntos last Wednesday. It is obviously false! The bill being shown does not correspond to the bill for the prime minister's meal. We were delighted to welcome the Prime Minister to have lunch in our restaurant on the historic day that marked the 100th anniversary of José Saramago's birth and we are outraged by the falsehoods that circulate", reads the Facebook page of the restaurant.

Brazilian internet users also linked the same receipt to Lula da Silva's visit to Portugal. However, the president of Brazil only arrived in the country two days after the date on the invoice, November 18.