"Phishing scams with alleged pick-up orders are very frequent and can come via email, SMS, or/via social networks. Know that these approaches are not true and that it is a false attempt to obtain personal data and banking services, without any connection to CTT", reads a statement sent to Notícias ao Minuto.

The operator's recommendation is that customers inform themselves "before clicking on any CTT communication that seems suspicious”.

Phishing, recalls CTT, is an "online fraud technique where, through SMS messages, emails or social media posts, they try to obtain confidential information such as login accounts, passwords or bank details, using the identity of trusted institutions as if they were official communications".

"The purpose of these communications is to direct the user to a fake website so that they provide confidential data", concludes the operator.

CTT has recognised the risk of phishing incidents and has dedicated a page on its website for more information.