The private condominium, Janela da Baia is located in a privileged area. São Martinho do Porto is a friendly and welcoming village that develops around the wonderful bay with the same name, where the friendliness of local people, the gastronomic offering, the tranquillity and security make São Martinho do Porto a true paradise waiting to be discovered.

There are 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments that all have a sea view and the best sun exposure possible. The private condominium Janela da Baia stands out for its quality of construction and the refinement of the finishings. Located in the middle of the riverside and 20 metres from the beach, the condominium Janela da Baia offers the ideal conditions for you to enjoy a unique environment with the quality of life, comfort, and privacy that your family deserves.

The shell-shaped bay of São Martinho do Porto, has an area of walkways over the sand dunes and the River Tornada that extends to Salir do Porto, inviting strolls and walks in an intimate connection with nature. The proximity of the extensive Atlantic Ocean guarantees the purity of the air you feel as you breathe. The waters are quiet, great for children, and better still for sailing, windsurfing or kayaking.

The Silver Coast is often considered the “Real Portugal” and it is easy to see why! Here you will find a wonderful mix of culture, history, regional cuisine, and a choice of locations where natural beauty and tradition walk hand in hand.

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Price: From €680.000 · location: S. mart. do porto · Ref: PP173178