"Due to an anomaly in the computer system, informational emails relating to 2018 were sent to some taxpayers. If you have received one of these emails, consider it without effect", refers an alert published today on the Finance Portal.

In one of these emails, the value and reference for payment of the Single Circulation Tax (IUC) for 2018 is indicated to the taxpayer, involving a car whose tax had been paid in time and sold two years ago.

"In the vehicle registration database it states that you are the owner of the following vehicle(s) subject to Single Circulation Tax (IUC)", reads the e-mail, indicating that the payment of the tax can be made using the ATM reference that is presented or by issuing the respective collection note on the personal website on the Finance Portal.

AT adds in the same email that "the present communication has purely informative purposes and is intended to make taxpayers aware of their rights and obligations, in fulfilment of the duty of collaboration between the tax administration and taxpayers, provided in article 59 of the General Tax Law", also recommending the payment of the IUC on time to avoid additional costs with fines and interest.

Lusa questioned the Ministry of Finance about how many of these emails about 2018 were sent due to the aforementioned anomaly in the computer system, but received no response.