The trends released by Google in Portugal register the words that grew the most in Internet searches, compared to the previous year, and place in third place in this category (international names) actor Johnny Depp, whose divorce from actress Amber Heard put him firmly in the spotlight.

In general terms, Portuguese Internet users were more likely to search for the words “ivaucher”, “World Cup 2022”, “Ukraine”, “Russia”, “digital certificate” and “autovaucher”, along with some questions: “How to sign up for autovaucher”, “how to know where to vote in 2022”, how the “ivaucher” works and “how to receive the 125 euros” that the Government decided to allocate to taxpayers due to inflation.

In programs, series, and films, the highlight was “Big Brother Famosos”, “Top Gun” and “House of the Dragon”.

Internet users also showed particular interest in knowing what aphasia is (a communication disorder associated with a stroke), what metadata is and what NATO is.

Google's "Year in Search" reflects, according to the company, "an annual look at the top trends" in searches registered by the platform.

“When compiling the year 2022 into search, we analysed the aggregation of trillions of searches over the year. Trends generally better identify what caught people’s attention in 2022 compared to 2021,” a Google source told Lusa.