Jonathon Scott, director of Algarve Removals, assured The Portugal News that “Since Brexit, Algarve Removals’ weekly services to and from Portugal to the UK and Spain have been operating as usual and that there have been no complications.”

Algarve Removals have purpose-built depots in the UK, Spain, and Portugal, having this year invested in a new purpose-built depot in the Algarve which includes a fantastic warehouse and office facility, all in a secure and private compound. This can be for long or short term and they have specialised wooden storage containers to keep your items in.

Additionally, Algarve Removals moves larger items of furniture so you can purchase UK garden furniture and beds and they can get that shipped over to the Algarve or Malaga.

Covering the whole of Portugal

Most importantly, Algarve Removals also covers central and northern Portugal and not just the Algarve. “We cover the whole of Portugal on a weekly service and what is quite crucial is that we operate our own vehicles and staff. We have our own warehouses in the Algarve and in Central Portugal, so it is not sublet out to or contracted to different companies. Everything is handled by Algarve Removals from start to finish and it is a complete service with maximum security, with our priority being our client’s peace of mind.”


On the topic of Brexit, Jonathon explained that “There are lots of concerns in the community and from people moving abroad that Brexit means that people cannot send their goods over to Portugal or back to the UK and that it has become difficult. However, this is not the case, our weekly services have never stopped as we take care of all customs paperwork. Algarve Removals has taken on new staff and in-house customs clerks to handle all custom requirements.” This enables Algarve Removals to send your personal effects to and from the UK, Portugal, and Spain without any issues.

What does 2023 have in store?

Jonathon told The Portugal News that “Algarve Removals has had an extremely successful year, in which the company has seen a considerable expansion, which includes opening a new warehouse in the Algarve and increasing our fleet of vehicles in Portugal and in the UK.”

When asked about the upcoming year, Jonathon affirmed that “We have never been busier and we just want to carry on a positive direction next year and we plan on replacing our fleet with brand new lorries and vans, to keep everything new and fresh. We are increasing storage to be all over Portugal and we will be looking at increasing staff as we carry on being as busy as we are. We will continue to operate our weekly service, including all custom procedures, making it stress-free for all our customers.”

Please do not hesitate to contact the friendly Algarve Removals team: UK: +44 (0) 1621 850 070, PT: (+351) 289 513 851 or email For more information, please visit


Following undertaking her university degree in English with American Literature in the UK, Cristina da Costa Brookes moved back to Portugal to pursue a career in Journalism, where she has worked at The Portugal News for 3 years. Cristina’s passion lies with Arts & Culture as well as sharing all important community-related news.

Cristina da Costa Brookes