However, Aleksandrs learned from this process and saw the necessity and long-term goal of the larger community. Aleksandrs understood time is needed for cryptocurrencies without useful functionalities to get rooted out of the market. With that in mind, he created Jetshare, a revolutionising project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing quick transfer speeds, low fees, and high scalability for users. Jetshare’s affordability and high potential earning has helped the platform break records week on week during presale.

Why you should invest in Jetshare

There are many reasons to invest in Jetshare, from its price to the community the platform it is building and innovative changes the team is bringing to the aviation industry. Jetshare offers fractional ownership shares in private jets through distributed ledger technology and asset-backed non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The price is so affordable that users in the community can purchase stakes for as little as $5 because Jetshare's NFTs will be broken down into fractions.

In addition, Jetshare will be the first Jet investment and trading platform enabling members to trade Aviator smart NFTs backed by depreciating flight hours. By programming the NFTs to automatically decrease the number of flight hours as they are used, it ensures that the number of flight hours represented by the NFT is accurate and eliminates the need for manual updates.

The platform's fractional aircraft ownership model offers investors a unique opportunity to be part of an aviation business with multiple streams of income and recession-proof growth. Jetshare's team will identify the Jets with the best long-term sale and lease potential as well as allow private Jet owners to list their Jets to raise capital for things like maintenance while retaining usage and part ownership rights.

The benefits of investing in Jetshare

The experienced team at Jetshare launched the JETT$ utility token to reward its community, investors, and early supporters. The token sale will allow Jetshare to purchase aircraft and expand its team, with the aim of developing a robust, long-lasting ecosystem.

Early supporters will receive up to 100% discounts on transaction fees, up to 50% discounts on storage fees, and up to 100% on maintenance fees. These discounts are especially beneficial for investors with more tokens in their portfolios. The more JETT$ coins you hold, the more discounts you receive.

Furthermore, Jetshare members can book charter private Jet flights with partner aviation companies and pay with JETT$ as well as trade NFT flight hours on the one of a kind custom Jetshare NFT platform.

Jetshare protects the token floor price and the community by adding a vesting schedule. Once the project completes its presale, Jetshare will airdrop coins to investors on a weekly basis over five weeks.

In addition, the Jetshare protocol will burn the remaining tokens from the presale stage to lower the supply and increase the value of the project.

Final conclusion

Now is the time to invest in Jetshare. The project has garnered much interest in the crypto community. The platform lists only Jets found publicly on national and international ownership databases like the Civil Aviation Authority website to aid investors when purchasing fractions of Jets through NFTs. Returns from leasing jets to training schools and private charter companies means income can be realised from day 1.

Plenty of benefits and rewards await early backers and with stored Jets at partner airport hangars worldwide, there's a chance a Jet could be close to you for a free sightseeing flight with friends. Share in the exclusive world of JETT$, visit Jetshare's website to discover more and join their presale here.