There are several ships unloading cereals being affected due to the overtime strike by Silopor workers, which has led sector associations to warn of the possibility that the food supply was being jeopardised.

"We are talking about maize, wheat, barley, and soy, which were contracted for unloading rates of 11 thousand tons per day, and with the overtime strike only about half will be carried out", said Jaime Piçarra, secretary general of the Association Portuguesa dos Industriais dos Alimentos Compounds for Animals (IACA), speaking to SIC Notícias. "It's easy to see that we're going to have some constraints here," he added.

On Monday, the organisations that represent the trade and food industry recalled that "the workers of Silopor - Empresa de Silos Portuários, S.A. are on strike for overtime work until the end of February", adding that "the situation affects the sectors of bread production, animal feed, pig and poultry production".

Following these statements, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food guaranteed that it was "carefully" monitoring the situation at Silopor, adding that, so far, it has no record of a lack of food supply.

"The Ministry of Agriculture and Food is closely monitoring the situation at Silopor and any resulting problems", he assured, in response to Lusa.

So far, the ministry supervised by Maria do Céu Antunes has not received "any indication of a lack of food supply".