"All departures and arrivals in Frankfurt are currently suspended," while movement "from or to Munich airport has been partially affected," the group said in a statement sent to AFP.

The computer malfunction led to the cancellation of several flights operated by the Lufthansa airline group, which also owns Austrian Airlines, Swiss, and Brussels Airlines.

"We still have no indication of the number of flights affected by these disruptions," a spokesman for the group told AFP.

At the end of the morning, "some planes were able to land, but in isolation".

The malfunction was caused by "construction work in the Frankfurt region", Lufthansa said on Twitter, adding that it was looking for a solution.

Four internet cables operated by Deutsche Telekom were "damaged" on Tuesday night, during work on a railway line, which caused the malfunction that affected the computer system, a spokesman for the telecommunications group told AFP, explaining that two cables have already been repaired.