Magic Eden co-founder and CEO Jack Lu recently tweeted: “We are deeply grateful to these folks—each of them has contributed immensely to Magic Eden over the last year; we will be honoring them and their contributions with the utmost care and respect. We were able to speak with each person 1:1 before sharing this news publicly.”

While Magic Eden is reducing due to necessary restructuring, how do we ensure we choose a stable cryptocurrency project? In the age of uncertainty, who are the best cryptos to buy in 2023?

Are We In Solana Wormhole?

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First on our best crypto-to-buy trio is the 11th largest digital asset Solana (SOL), a decentralized blockchain platform. The open-sourced project is designed to run scalable applications, which are run by the Solana foundation based in Geneva,

The successful blockchain was born in San Francisco by Solana Labs. The reported reason for its success has been a speedy transaction rate, seeing the developers increase by 83% on the blockchain.

In recent news, the hacker who exposed Solanas cross-chain bridge Wormhole last year has moved over yet another $61 million in Ether tokens (ETH) of stolen funds—further decreasing investor confidence after a recent recovery.

Dubia or Not To Dubai Monero

Created as a grassroots movement Monero (XMR) began with no pre-mine and no VC funding. Having launched in April 2014 as an element of Bytecoin, the forking split created two versions, and its open-source format helps deal with any faults.

The anonymization aspect of Monero has reportedly been one of the main reasons for its success. Once given a public address, or in many respects, a unique key, the recipient and sender can interact securely and anonymously.

Recently Dubai has banned trading coins privately, giving Monero a bit of a headache. While the crypto landscape is under growing regulatory scrutiny, this is the last thing they want.

Co-founder of privacy protocol Anoma Christopher Goes recently told Cointelegraph: “By banning ‘privacy coins’ instead of engaging to understand the technology, regulators are demonstrating that they aren’t working on behalf of the public”

Our Goodfella Dogetti

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Last up on our list of best cryptos to buy in 2023 is Dogetti (DETI), the family-oriented good guys of crypto land. As its presale is making waves across the markets, we see the charity and community-building aspects of the new gangster-themed meme-coin.

The popular charity function within the trading exchange will come in the form of a 6% trading tax, being split into three reflections, charity and liquidity. The idea is that the holders of the DETI coin will receive free tokens, a gift from the Don.

There will also be a focus on future Metaverse developments, giving its DogettiDAO a chance to vote on any directions they may take. One thing they will not have to vote on is the ability to mint their very own Dogetti pet/companion.

But there is more! We all love memes, and memes are the gateway to the soul, as the great philosopher once said. There will be all the gates to the soul you can handle with community meme and gleam competitions and an assortment of NFTS.

In Conclusion

With cryptos downsizing amid market frustrations, hackers capitalizing on any security issues creating decreased investor confidence, and privately traded coins being banned; there are many reasons to be cautious.

In times of worry, it's best to go to man’s best friend for comfort and The Don for security. Luckily Dogetti has it all, but do they have the potential to be the best crypto to buy in 2023? I think it's all about the family.

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