This number corresponds to 26% of the total car fleet in Portugal, while only 20 years ago, the share of cars over 20 years old was only 1%, according to a report by NM.

In Portugal, in the last year, the average age of light vehicles was 13.4 years, while the average age both in light goods, as well as in heavy vehicles, passengers, and goods, is around 15 years.

In 2021, of the 5.6 million cars in circulation in Portugal, 63% were over 10 years old. With regard to the average age of vehicles delivered for scrap, in 2021, the value was around 23.5 years (for comparison, in 2006, it was set at 16 years).

ACAP proposes that Portugal reintroduce mechanisms to encourage the scrapping of end-of-life vehicles to accelerate the replacement of older, more polluting conventional vehicles with low-emission vehicles.