The minister’s comments come after new research from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) showed significant interest in Irish language audio content among Irish people aged 15-34.

The report found that 35% of youth in Ireland would listen to a new Irish radio service, with that figure rising to 70% should any potential radio content appeal to issues that matter to them.

The report also showed that 87% of Irish youths still listen to the radio on a weekly basis.

“I am a strong advocate for providing more, and more widely available, Irish language content and services, in particular for young people,” Minister Martin said.

“It is, however, important that we understand not only how young people engage with audio content, both on FM and online, and the level of interest in a new Irish language service, but also what they want from such a service and what it must deliver for them.”

Minister of State for the Gaeltacht, Patrick O’Donovan, said the research will inform the approach the government will take towards the issue of Irish language content in the near future.

“It’s clear to me that the evolution of a new high-quality radio service for young people has the potential to expose more and more young people to Irish, helping to expand and normalize the use of the language in our society as a whole,” he added.