Here are a few of our favourites:

Making comments:

Que bom - How nice

Que giro - How cool / cute / nice

Que fofo - How cute

Que pena - What a shame / Too bad

Que chato - How annoying / boring

Wishing you well:

Parabéns - Congratulations (or Happy birthday!)

Boa sorte - Good luck

Espero bem - I hope so

Agreeing and disagreeing:

Está bem - Okay, All right

Concordo - I agree

Gosto muito - I like (it) a lot

Não concordo - I disagree

Isso é mentira - That’s a lie

Small talk:

Muito prazer - Very nice to meet you

Já não o/a via há algum tempo - I haven’t seen you in a while (formal, masc./fem.)

Temos de pôr a conversa em dia - We need to catch up

O tempo está muito bom - The weather is very nice

Filler words:

When you need extra time to gather your thoughts, instead of “Ummm…”, try “Pronto” or “Então”. These are similar to “Okay...”, “Well...”, or “So…” If you make a mistake, “Quer dizer…” - “I mean…” will help you clarify. “Pois” or "Pois é" will let the speaker know you're listening and understanding, almost like "Yeah", "Mmhmm", “It sure is”, or “That’s right”.

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