The latest update made by SEF is that since the beginning of the war, which this Friday completes a year, Portugal has granted 58,043 temporary protections to Ukrainian citizens and foreigners residing in Ukraine, 33,900 of which are women and 24,143 to men.

SEF advances that the largest number of temporary protections granted during a year was recorded in the municipalities of Lisbon (12,385), Cascais (3,665), Porto (2,976), Sintra (1,955) and Albufeira (1,443).

Requests for temporary protection were authorized to 14,111 minors, representing about 25% of the total.

SEF also reveals that it reported to the Public Prosecutor 's Office the situation of 737 Ukrainian minors who arrived in Portugal without their parents or legal representatives, cases in which it is considered to be "no current or imminent danger".

In these situations, in most cases the child arrived in Portugal with a family member - the case is communicated to the MP for appointment of a legal representative and the promotion of the protection process to the minor.

SEF also informed the Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People of the situation of 15 minors who arrived in Portugal unaccompanied, but with someone other than the parents or proven legal representative.

At the beginning of February and in a balance sheet sent to Lusa, security services established that 47,377 certificates had been issued for residence permits under the temporary protection scheme, a document containing the user numbers of the National Health Service, social security and tax identification and that it is necessary for refugees to start working and access support.

The request for temporary protection in Portugal can be made through the 'online' platform created by SEF (, available in three languages, and it is not necessary for adults to use the counters of this security service.

However, in the case of minors, it is mandatory to travel to a counter of the Foreigners and Borders Service to confirm their identity and affiliation.

The temporary protections granted in Portugal to Ukrainian refugees automatically are valid for one year and can be extended twice for a period of six months.