According to calculations by Lusa based on data from the Bank of Portugal, emigrants' remittances rose from 3,707.7 million in 2021 to 3,892.2 last year, which shows an increase of 4.98% and represents the highest value in terms of remittances sent by Portuguese workers abroad.

The highest value over the past year came from the Portuguese in France, who sent 1,081.6 million euros, followed closely by emigrants in Switzerland, who sent 1,061.6 million euros to Portugal, representing more than half of total remittances worldwide.

In the opposite direction, remittances from foreigners working in Portugal rose from 504.17 million euros in 2021 to 530.96 million last year, which represents an increase of 5.31%.

Of this amount, almost half was sent by Brazilian workers in Portugal, who sent 259.49 million euros to Brazil, which represents an increase of 8.42% compared to the 239.3 million sent throughout 2021.

Looking at the Portuguese Speaking African Countries (PALOP), it appears that Portuguese workers in these countries sent 317.06 million euros last year, which represents an increase of 21.69% compared to the 260.5 million shipped in 2021.

Of this value, and as usual, almost all come from Angola, the African country most sought after by the Portuguese in terms of employment.

Thus, emigrants in Angola sent 308.64 million euros last year, which represents an increase of 21.8% compared to the 253.4 million sent during the year 2021.