ATE will install several circus tents for the various spirits partners, along the Passeio Ribeirinho, and Teatro das Figuras will be the stage for the wine partners.

The event will, as always, be accompanied by entertainment, live music, DJ, finger food, and many activities. It takes place from 2:00pm to 9:00pm on both days, is mostly attended by partners in the beverage area, and each year membership has been increasing, with 2,891 customers participating in 2019, and 3,437 in 2020. However, it is also open to the general public, from 6pm to 9pm, with tickets available from here.

This year, the initiative should have 39 wine stands, 32 spirits stands, and around 510 brands on display.

The program is divided between masterclasses (by registration) and tastings of very exclusive rarities (by invitation), exhibition of the stands of wine producers, available for tastings, spread across the stage of Teatro das Figuras, and various brands of spirits to drink along the Passeio Ribeirinho, with several activities taking place.