Netflix has lowered prices in more than 30 countries in an attempt to attract new subscribers. The list of nations covered was released by market analyst Ampere Analysis and among the countries contemplated by the price reduction are Indonesia, Thailand, Ecuador, Morocco, Vietnam, Croatia, Malaysia, Yemen, Philippines, Egypt and Kenya. Portugal will not benefit from these changes.

The company's spokesman confirmed that the prices of the plans are being "updated" in "certain countries", but did not specify which ones. Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States were not mentioned as countries where prices were reduced.

Both new subscribers and existing subscribers will see prices drop between 20% and 60%, depending on the market. For example, in Croatia the basic plan goes from €7.99 to €4.99, the standard plan from €9.99 to €7.99, while the premium goes from €11.99 reduced to €9.99.

"Subscribers have never had so many options when it comes to entertainment," said a Netflix spokesperson and reported by CNN Portugal.

According to the technology website The Verge, over the 16 years that Netflix has provided its streaming service, “it has rarely lowered its prices”. One of the exceptions was in India, which in 2021 benefited from a drop between 18% and 60%, depending on the plan chosen by users.

This price decrease comes at a time when the platform has begun to crack down on account sharing, requiring customers to pay an extra amount if they want friends and family they don't live with to use their accounts.