“As a balance of the action, 124 economic operators were inspected, with four administrative offense proceedings being instituted, highlighting as the main infraction the lack of posting of mandatory information, namely vehicle registration, price, year of construction, previous registrations of ownership, deadline warranty and kilometres, among others, that allow the consumer to make a more informed choice”, said ASAE in a statement.

The inspection operation was carried out across the country and targeted economic operators who sell new and used cars, "with a view to verifying compliance with the disciplinary rules to which they are bound".

According to the ASAE, at the new car stands, compliance with the rules regarding the information on fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions available to the consumer was verified.

At used car stands, the existence of mandatory information was inspected, which must be in a written document, signed by the seller or intermediary, and affixed to the vehicle, "in a visible and available way to the consumer".