Accidentally passing through the Via Verde lane on a toll road is a common mistake, however it is something that can be solved quickly online.

If you have made this mistake then the first step is to visit:, which is available in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

This website, created eight years ago by Via Verde, allows all road users, whether they are Via Verde customers or not, to consult the tolls they owe 48 hours after passing through them.

Therefore if you passed through a Via Verde gate by mistake, you can pay for the ticket through this site. All you have to do is wait for those 48 hours and then enter the date of the ticket, as well as the license plate of the vehicle you used without the identifier, full name, tax number (NIF), postcode, city, and full address.

An ATM reference will then be generated to allow you to pay the amount owed and avoid an expensive mistake.

According to NM, this site only shows debt amounts for motorways with Ascendi or Via Verde concessions. Therefore, if you pass a Via Verde gate without an identifier on a motorway without any of these concessions, the amount owed will not appear on the website.

If you do not settle the value of the Via Verde ticket on the aforementioned portal, you should receive a notification by post. You can settle the toll amount immediately, but if you don't, a tax enforcement process will be opened by the Tax Authority.

In this scenario, any driver will have to pay the toll fee and the administrative costs of opening the process. An administrative offense procedure will also be opened, where the fine will correspond to at least 7.5 times the toll value - an amount never less than €25.

Added to this will be the administrative costs that correspond to non-payment of the toll, adding the amount of the toll fee due.