“Thank you to Lodge of Discoveries for helping to make last Christmas extra special for many families. We have done very well last year with shoeboxes and warm clothing for the elderly so we can now concentrate on the families. Thanks again to the members of the Lodge for this wonderful donation” said a representative of the charity.

Castelo de Sonhos is a well-known and well-established charity in the Algarve, which aims to support low-income families married couples, and individuals living alone. The charity tries to alleviate the suffering of these poor folk, particularly the families at risk. They receive requests from the law courts to help children who are being abused. Young mothers who themselves have no family to rely on and lack the knowledge to help an infant. Basics like how to feed them and wash them are taught by our team of social workers.

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If you wish to make a donation, please don’t hesitate to contact Sue at Castelo de Sonhos on 933 374 865, or via email at sueloram@gmail.com.