The refurbishment of the building aims to “honour the community of Alvor and the richness of its maritime heritage”, now having an interactive kiosk with detailed information about the identity of the historic fishing village, indicated the Chamber of Portimão in a statement.

Through the interactive kiosk, visitors will have access to data “about the human occupation of the area, with some of the main activities and spaces over time, the material and immaterial heritage composed of the main local fishing arts and exploration of the Alvor estuary”.

The intervention "represents an out-of-doors project of the Museum of Portimão which, over the last three years, has collected valuable assets from the population of Alvor, which has greatly contributed to the interactive module".

According to the municipality, “it is part of the municipal plans to integrate the auction and the surrounding area in tourist circuits related to cultural and natural heritage, maritime, fishing and environmental sustainability or ecotourism”.

The inauguration of the new cultural space, scheduled for Saturday at 16:00, is part of the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of the elevation of Alvor to the category of village.

The redevelopment project for the property, owned by Docapesca, was started in 2020 by the municipality of Portimão, under the MAR2020 programme.