This year marks a record-breaking 14 nominations for Irish stories and talent across the Awards, including the history-making nomination for Irish language film ‘An Cailín Ciúin’ (‘The Quiet Girl’).

The trade mission will aim to build on the recent critical success for the Irish screen industry and the recognition of Irish talent on the world’s stage. Minister Martin will seek to “strengthen working relationships between the Irish screen sector and some of the world’s largest film studios and production companies, as well as strengthening Ireland’s reputation as a global tourist destination”.

The trip will see a number of meetings take place with US studios and production companies, including Sony and Disney, which includes representatives from Marvel, Searchlight and LucasFilm.

The meetings will update industry partners on the continued growth and evolution of the sector in Ireland, discuss opportunities for increased collaboration, and explore new opportunities for production as well as other sectors in the industry, such as post-production and visual effects (VFX).

The trip is also taking place in line with the Global Ireland 2025 aim to double Ireland’s global cultural footprint.

Following the success of ‘An Cailín Cíúin’ (‘The Quiet Girl’), which became the first ever Irish-language film nominated for an Academy Award, the Minister will present a special award to the film at the Oscar Wilde event this Thursday.

Minister Martin will also visit Winston House, a recent recipient of Culture Ireland funding. Culture Ireland, which is part of the Minister’s department, is responsible for promoting Irish arts internationally and provides grants to artists to tour globally.

Speaking about the trade mission, Minister Martin, said: “The eyes of Hollywood and the world are on Ireland this Oscars weekend and this presents an important opportunity to showcase Ireland’s culture and creative talent to a global audience.

“This weekend is also important for Ireland and Irish people around the world. Some 14 Oscar nominations is incredible for a country the size of Ireland and I know the nominations are a source of national pride for young and old.

“It highlights the country’s contribution to the arts and culture, provides opportunities to further promote Ireland as a tourism destination, and will inspire future generations of Irish creative talent and filmmakers.

“The Irish screen industry has seen unprecedented success over the past decade, across live-action TV production, animation production and Visual Effects, the result of sustained investment and a clear strategic focus on the development of the sector.

The Minister also said she will be “promoting Ireland as a world-class tourist destination” alongside Tourism Ireland.

Désirée Finnegan, Chief Executive of Screen Ireland, said: “Our pride in the recent acclaim for Irish talent across acting, Irish-language film, VFX and craft continues to emphasise our belief in the talent and artistry of the Irish creative screen industries, and how this sector continues to innovate and break new ground at home and abroad.

“We hope the industry’s success, and record-breaking number of Academy Award nominations, will inspire and pave the way for the next generation of Irish filmmakers to be ambitious in telling the cultural stories that matter to them.”