The Câmara da Figueira da Foz, in the district of Coimbra, has approved the draft regulation of the tourist tax to be paid by tourists staying in hotels in the municipality, which will be under public discussion. Approved unanimously, the document will now be under public discussion for 30 days and come into force this year, according to the mayor, Pedro Santana Lopes.

Speaking to journalists, the mayor said that tourists should pay, on average, two euros per night, up to a maximum of seven nights, with a price reduction for people with physical limitations, children and young people under 14 years old. In the low season, the value drops to 1.50 euros, added Santana Lopes, adding that Figueira da Foz residents do not pay the fee.

"Due to the influx of other years, the municipality estimates annual revenue of 300,000 euros, which will be used to improve the tourist offer in Figueira da Foz", he added. Despite having voted in favour of the draft regulation, the PS understands that the municipality, within the scope of its fiscal policy, should return to inhabitants a percentage of the variable IRS rate collected by the municipality.

“As there is an increase in revenue, the municipality can, in return, benefit the people of Figueirense”, said the leader of the socialist group, Diana Rodrigues.