The group came into trouble after becoming stuck on a ridge of the mountain called “The Bone”. One member of the group slipped from the ridge, with the others subsequently becoming stuck on the treacherous path.

Kerry Mountain Rescue Team (KMRT) were alerted and began the rescue operation at approximately 4.30pm, carrying on through heavy wind and snowfall until about 1am.

When the team, comprised of 26 volunteer members, arrived, they were unable to reach the climbers from below. Instead, they opted to hike above the group and subsequently set up a rope system to abseil down to them.

The climbers were then carried back up to the rest of the volunteers, who brought them down off the mountain individually.

KMRT’s Gerry Christie told RTÉ that the climber who had the initial fall was okay, and was able to walk down from the mountain.

"They were tired, but fine and happy to see us," he added.