Travelling by train might be the most comfortable way of travelling. In Portugal, CP is the main Portuguese train company and they offer several discounts for every age and different situations.

Discounts for children

Up until the age of three years old, children, with adults, may travel for free, unless they occupy a seat on the train (similar to what happens on a plane). However, children between the ages of four to 12 years old, only pay half the price of a regular ticket, for every train service offered by CP. The presentation of an ID card for this discount is mandatory, when buying a ticket from the station and when travelling on the train.

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Discounts for young people

Train travel discounts for people up until the age of 25 years old are included in the “Bilhete Jovem” category. Every person of that age has a 25 percent discount on their ticket, for every destination, on every type of train, except Suburbano. If bought online, the traveller must make sure that it includes the information in the right sector, when bought at the ticket shop, it is only required to show an ID card to the person that is selling the ticket.

Those with a European Youth Card, from 12 to 30 years old, may also have a 25 percent discount on their tickets for travels in Intercidades, Regionais and InterRegionais trains.

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Discounts for elderly people

People over the age of 65 years old may also have discounted ticket prices on trips on CP trains. Half the price of a regular ticket is what elder people may enjoy for every train service CP offers to its passengers. Once again, an ID card must be presented, on the train and in the ticket shop.

Over 65’s may also ask for a Golden Card and have also a 50 percent discount on their tickets, after evaluating the family’s income, which must not surpass minimum wage.

Group trips

For family and friends, there is the opportunity of paying only half the price of the ticket. Groups of three to nine people can come together as a group trip, this can be between family members, or a group of friends. CP only requires an adult to be among the group. This discount may be applied to every CP train service.

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Other partnerships

CP also has partnerships with other cities, and even hotels, and these partnerships can make both travel and accommodation cheaper. All these partnerships may be seen online on the company’s website

When special events occur, such as festivals, concerts or other events, CP may also offer discounts on train trips linked to these events.

Happy travelling!


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