According to a statement from the Secretariat for Tourism and Culture of Madeira, a departure from Toronto will take place on Friday at 20:45 (local time), arriving in Madeira at 11:20 on Saturday.

In turn, departure from Funchal will take place on Saturday at 12:25 pm, arriving in Toronto at 7:30 pm (local time).

“The trips will be made with the Airbus A321 LR, with 190 seats and two classes of service”, clarifies the regional secretariat, stressing that the Association for the Promotion of Madeira (AP Madeira) is already collaborating with the Azorean company in campaigns and other joint promotional actions in Canada.

For her part, Grupo SATA's Director of Marketing and Sales, Graça Silva, quoted in the statement, says that the commitment to this flight stems from the "significant growth" in the number of tourists who have chosen Azores Airlines flights to Madeira.

“The joint work and commitment that we have all put into this process now allows us to offer more choice to passengers looking to travel with Azores Airlines to Madeira as a destination”, she stressed.

She added that the reservation process for the direct Madeira-Toronto flight is simple, and passengers now have only one ticket, which they can choose from a diversified tariff portfolio.

“Naturally, the completion of this process only happens because all the players are committed to this project, which has allowed it to be implemented at the beginning of June”, she stresses.

The official highlights the “permanent commitment” of the SATA Group in the relationship with the autonomous region, as well as the involvement of ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal in the implementation of the new international operation.