Parliament also approved in general the PSD bills on exceptional and temporary measures to respond to the epidemiological situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the covid-19 disease and the Liberal Initiative that enshrines the transmission and dissemination of sessions and public meetings of local authorities, also transferring these initiatives to the respective committees.

The Government's bill that determines the cessation of validity of laws published in the scope of covid-19, since they are no longer necessary in the face of the current reality of the pandemic, deserved votes in favor of PS, PSD, Chega and Liberal Initiative and abstention from PCP, BE, PAN and Livre.

During the parliamentary debate on this proposal the Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, André Moz Caldas admitted that there are measures that can be used for the future, such as the possibility for municipalities to meet at a distance and broadcast meetings or issue medical certificates for cancer patients and people with disabilities.

André Moz Caldas explained that the proposed law is intended to “repeal a substantial number of various laws passed by the Assembly of the Republic in the context of the pandemic”, namely health control measures and economic and social support for families and companies.

The Government maintains the mandatory use of masks in health services and in elderly homes.

This proposal will now be discussed in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees.