In a statement, ASAE clarified that the sparkling wine, valued at €25,940, was seized during an inspection operation aimed at the preparation, distribution and marketing of wines in the Bairrada region.

During the operation, 10,854 bottles of sparkling wine were seized from an economic operator, due to the fact that the bottling and labelling of wine had been detected, “without the wine making process having taken more than 90 days, as determined by legislation in force".

The sparkling wine was ready to be introduced in the commercial market, as if it were a quality sparkling wine, with special characteristics, misleading the consumer with regard to the method of preparation of sparkling wine.

“As a result, the respective administrative offense proceedings were instituted for having bottled and labelled wine as if it were quality sparkling wine and it was also notified to withdraw from the commercial market the sparkling wine that it had already sold under those circumstances, under penalty of incurring a crime of disobedience”.