In a statement, the civil aviation regulator refers that, after analysing the revised tariff proposal for 2023 and the complaints submitted by users, the Board of Directors decided to approve the tariff proposal of the Concessionária do Serviço Público Airport (ANA), with the exception of fees of Person with Reduced Mobility (PMR) and security, for which "inconsistencies were detected".

ANA's tariff proposal for the Lisbon Group airports was approved, with an average increase of around 7.59%, and for Porto airport, with an increase of 8.38% in traffic and assistance fees in scale, which includes the impact of inflation (7.10%) and the recovery of estimation errors associated with 2021, but which globally shows an average decrease of around -4.29% in regulated rates.

For Faro airport, the approved tariff proposal (except the PMR and security fees) configures an average decrease of around -5.26% of the regulated fees and an increase of 7.10% (corresponding to inflation) in the case of traffic and ground handling charges.

As for the airports in the Azores (Ponta Delgada, Santa Maria, Horta and Flores), the approved regulated fees show an average increase of 4.33%.

For Madeira airports (Funchal and Porto Santo) the average growth is 5.88% in regulated fees.

At the Civil Terminal of Beja, regulated rates increase by an average of 5.34%.

As for the PMR rate, which is identical for all the airports in the ANA network, ANAC considered that the tariff proposal presented "does not demonstrate the adequacy of the foreseen means to the estimated traffic levels, and ANA must, within 10 working days, send ANAC the necessary elements for such an assessment", by mid-April.

"Therefore, the PMR fee will be provisionally maintained at €0.64 per passenger, until a final decision can be taken", the regulator says in the statement.

As for the security fee proposal, which is also identical for all airports in the ANA network, ANAC points out that "some increases in the cost base presented raised doubts as to their reasonableness", ordering ANA to, within 10 working days, send the necessary elements for such an evaluation.

"So, for now, the security fee approved by Ordinance remains in force, in the amount of €3.54/chargeable embarked passenger".