Crystals have been used in jewellery for centuries – because what’s not to love about their gorgeous, glinting colours? But recently, the semi-precious stones have taken on new meaning, as crystal healing has become increasingly popular with millennials – and celebrities.

So how can these shiny stones help us?

“When we are doing crystal healing, we’re looking for blockages,” explains Reeya Avani, a crystal therapist and dealer who performs hour-long sessions with her clients, placing crystals on the seven ‘chakra’ points of the body. “It’s the energy of the crystals that work with your energy, removing the negative energy and making you feel better,” she adds.

Avani says removing blockages can alleviate physical and emotional ailments and even help your career – but it should be pointed out that sceptics say there’s no evidence crystals can do anything of the sort.

We say each to their own. Magical effects aside, crystal jewellery is beautiful – and even if it doesn’t change your life, it will certainly aid you aesthetically.

Here, Avani talks us through five types of crystals and how they can (possibly) effect you, and we match her recommendations with the coolest jewellery…

1. Rose quartz

“I certainly use rose quartz. It helps open the heart chakra, it helps when you are going through hard times emotionally, so it gives you emotional support. Its very calming, it’s good for pain. It’s good for depression and anger,” says Avani.

2. Lapis lazuli

“There’s a mix of different crystals that will help with the physical side. Lapis lazuli is good for back pain.

“I would generally use blue stones on our throat chakra,” adds Avani. “Crystals like aqua aura and lapis lazuli give you confidence. They work on the throat and help give you the confidence to speak for yourself.”

3. Amethyst

“Mental stones – a big one I would say is amethyst, it helps with the third eye, which is just below the crown,” says Avani. “That’s the mental part of the body, so it helps you think. It will absorb your negative energy from inside and from your environment.”

4. Clear quartz

“There are some crystals which are high vibration crystals; I always put clear quartz in the corners [when doing healing], which magnifies the crystals being used on the centre of the body.

“If you want the best from your work, you should have a good work environment. Clear quartz is good to have in the office.”

5. Aventurine

“There are also crystals that help with heart problems, such a cholesterol and high blood pressure. By wearing, say, green aventurine regularly, you will feel better – it balances [the energy] and your cholesterol comes down,” says Avani. (We’re not in any way suggesting crystals are an alternative to heart medication!)