Lisbon: Rain is to ease in the capital by the weekend with average highs of 25 degrees and lows of 12 degrees forecast. On Saturday clear skies are expected while on Sunday some intermittent cloud is forecast. The weather is to remain stable from Monday with prolonged sunny spells and little to no chance of rain.

The north: The fine weather is to continue with hazy high cloud on Saturday and long sunny periods on Sunday with temperatures averaging daily highs of 25 degrees and nightly lows of 7 degrees. The following week is to be very similar with average daily highs of 24 degrees and average lows of 8 degrees.

The centre: Clear skies are to continue on Saturday when temperatures are to peak at 26 degrees and drop to lows of 12 degrees. On Sunday some hazy high cloud is expected although it will remain warm with highs of 26 degrees. The mild weather is to continue the following week with prolonged sunny spells.

The south: The clear skies at the end of the week are to make way for some intermittent cloud over the weekend although it will be feeling warmer with highs of 24 degrees and lows of 14 degrees. From Monday the temperatures are to rise again slightly to highs of 25 degrees with nightly lows of 15 degrees.

Madeira: Clear blue skies are forecast for Saturday when temperatures are to peak at 23 degrees with nightly lows of 15 degrees. On Sunday intermittent cloud cover is predicted with temperatures reaching highs of 26 degrees and dropping to lows of 18 degrees.

The Azores: Heavy rain showers are expected on Friday when temperatures are to reach highs of 18 degrees with lows of 11 degrees. On Saturday the rain is to ease but the skies are to remain grey with highs of 17 degrees. From Monday intermittent cloud and sunny spells are forecast.