The conclusions are from Marktest, through its annual analysis “Media & Advertising Global Report”. According to the study and reported by ECO, it was also found that women, the elderly and residents of the North are those with the greatest appetite for the television medium.

The predominant programs on the four main channels are entertainment, with the exception of RTP2, whose program schedule devoted more time to youth programmes.

As far as news coverage is concerned, 85,000 pieces of news were broadcast on the four main channels during the last year. This number represents a total duration of 3,164 hours, the second highest value recorded in 15 years, just behind the number of hours recorded in 2020, the year in which the Covid-19 pandemic had its peak.

The “Media & Advertising Global Report” also reveals that 60% of the news broadcast on the four channels was nationwide. However, on RTP2 this proportion was significantly lower, with this channel registering 46% of national news.