Frederika is a very nervous dog. She is 9 years old and has spent most of that time in the shelter so finding a home for her was such great news.

However, Frederika escaped from the lady´s home into the wilderness.

We have tried everything. We have searched and searched calling her. We have notices everywhere offering a €500 reward.

She is on the São Brás Community Facebook thanks to the people that run this page.

However, we do not have Facebook and the lady in São Brás has little or no internet connection.

Can anyone offer any suggestion on what we can do next? We have notified the GNR and the Municipal vet but of course we have to find her first. We have tried a drone to no avail.

We think she could have walked quite a way by now and ask if anyone out there would please put Frederika on their own Facebook page so that we are covering other areas other than São Brás?

Frederika is an old 9-year-old and she desperately needs her medication.

Please contact Marianne on +351 911 874 600 /