You grow upon such fallow ground,

Yet in early spring you show;

The beauteous grace of nature's stall,

Your petals all aglow!

You stand as if a sentinel,

To guide the season-fair;

With bounties of a million things,

Count them - if you dare.

Your time is short upon this earth,

Yet your beauty still abounds;

To fill each heart with happiness,

With blooms on baron grounds.

With scented leaves you fill the air,

Our senses ne'er shall starve;

For the Rocky Rose has bloomed once more,

Across the whole Algarve.

The day will come and you'll go along,

Your blooms will fade away;

But the spring is like your Evensong,

To herald the longer day!

by Douglas Hughes


Douglas Hughes is a UK-based writer producing general interest articles ranging from travel pieces to classic motoring. 

Douglas Hughes