The seminar is being hosted by Ken Shin Kan Tavira, which is the only recognised representative of this style of iaido in Portugal, and is committed to spreading familiarity with this idiosyncratic martial art.

The principal instructor at the seminar will be the renowned martial arts master Shihan Leif Hermansson, President of the World Traditional Martial Arts Society (WTMAS). Shihan Leif is the direct student of O-sensei Hamamoto Hisao, the fourteenth successor of this Okinawan style of iaido which has been handed down from father to son in an unbroken line for more than eight centuries.

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Ken Shin Kan Tavira would like to thank Prof. Eurico Palma, Municipal Councillor with responsibility for sports, the President of the Municipal Council of Tavira, and Shihan Helder Nunes, President of the Portuguese National Kyoo Soku Federation, for their kind support in making this event possible.

Ken Shin Kan Tavira trains weekly in the main hall of the “União de Freguesias da Luz de Tavira e Santo Estevão”, in Luz de Tavira – Fridays, from 18:30 until 20:30.

For additional information about the seminar, please contact Senpai Jon Berry on +351 16 244 586 or at