As with fixed speed cameras, new average speed cameras must be properly signposted, which is why the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) has revealed the new traffic sign, identified as H42.

According to a report by NM, for now, there will be 10 average-speed cameras in Portugal. However, while there will be 10 cameras they will be rotated across 20 different locations and drivers will not know if the camera is active or not.

Although the locations of the new cameras are not yet defined, there is a strong possibility that the 10 average-speed cameras will be placed in the following districts and roads.

Aveiro: A41;

Beja: En206 e IC1;

Castelo Branco: IC8;

Coimbra: A1 e EN109;

Évora: A6 e IP2;

Faro: EN398;

Lisboa: A9, EN10, EN6-7 e IC19;

Porto: A3.

Santarém: A1;

Setúbal: EN10, EN378, EN4, EN5 e IC1;

According to a statement released by ANSR, the criteria used to select the locations took into account, among other factors, the "level of accidents existing in the locations and where excessive speed proved to be one of the causes for these accidents".

The new cameras will allow "supervision of the speed practiced by drivers by measuring the average speed of the vehicle between two predefined points on the road".

According to ANSR, contracts for the supply and installation of new speed control cameras will cost around 5.6 million euros.