They met in South Africa and discussed how it could be possible to create a relationship between the two countries.

Manuela Robinson came with the Vice President of OJ Migration offices in Johannesburg. During the meeting, both Mbambo and Robinson agreed that “it would be a great idea for businesses operating in both countries to participate in our entrepreneurs exchange program to lean on each other's countries trading activities and also to identify investment opportunities on both countries”, as Fika Mbambo told to The Portugal News.

The head of Sizanani Entrepreneurs was asked: “to develop a Proposal that would be strengthened by both parties to stand the test of time.” Fika Mbambo proposed that “both formations would fundraise”, for the entrepreneurs to tour both countries, with tourism entities and embassies, in both countries, to be approached and be partners of the program.

Including a “government educational sector” was also a proposal Fika Mbambo sent to Manuela Robinson's office. Fika Mbambo said that if both Governments used their institutions it would “ensure that habitants of a country are trained”, making sure “that participants can be trained and certified in a process.”


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