In the survey, Portugal comes out in fourth position out of 52 destinations assessed. The country makes it into the top 10 of the Quality of Life (4th), Ease of Settling In (7th), and Personal Finance (10th) Indices. Overall, 85 percent of expats are happy with their life in Portugal, compared to 71 percent globally according to the survey of almost 12,000 respondents from across the world.

A better quality of life

Portugal also comes out in fourth in the Quality of Life Index. The survey found that 24 percent of expats moved to Portugal for a better quality of life, the most common reason for relocating there. More than nine in ten (94 percent) enjoy the climate and weather (vs. 62 percent globally), and 89 percent are happy with the air quality (vs. 65 percent globally). Portugal ranks seventh in the Leisure Options Subcategory: expats are particularly happy with the opportunities for recreational sports (87 percent vs. 75 percent globally).

Safe and open

Beyond that, 93 percent of expats find it easy and safe to get around on foot and/or by bicycle (vs. 77 percent globally), and 82 percent feel that they can openly express themselves and their opinions (vs. 64 percent globally). For the latter factor, Portugal actually ranks first worldwide. When asked what they like most about life in Portugal, an expat from India states: “the good environment and peaceful life”.

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A place to call home

Portugal lands in another top 10 spot in the Ease of Settling In Index (7th). “I enjoy the beauty of the country and the relaxed way of life of the Portuguese people and their kindness,” shares an expat from the Netherlands, and a respondent from Germany points out that “people are friendly and open”. 82 percent of expats describe the Portuguese as generally friendly (vs. 66 percent globally), and 80 percent consider them friendly towards foreign residents in particular (vs. 65 percent globally). They also find it easy to make local friends (51 percent vs. 42 percent globally) and are happy with their social life (67 percent vs. 56 percent globally).

Maybe this is why 77 percent generally feel at home in Portugal (vs. 62 percent globally), and 41 percent even feel completely at home there (vs. 30 percent globally).

Overall, 45 percent of expats intend to stay in Portugal forever, while just 35 percent of expats worldwide say that about their respective host country.