A city of contrasts, Lisbon embraces the old with the new to create a place where people from all around the world can feel comfortable, while making their way through the cobbled streets and up and down the famous seven hills of the city.

As the oldest city in western Europe (even older than both Rome and London) you can be sure to stumble across history around almost every corner but this does not mean that the city has been left in the past, with a burgeoning tech scene, strong art culture and truly international feel keeping Lisbon firmly with one foot in the 21st century.

Compared to the rest of Portugal, Lisbon is a busy place, with just over a quarter of the population of the entire country living in the metropolitan area of Lisbon (3 million approximately) and of this, half a million live in the city itself, making Lisbon a similar size in population to Sacramento California.

The city of Lisbon covers a total area of just over 50 miles and is very easy to navigate with no need for a car as the public transport system of buses, trams and a subway system, all work together to get you around the capital with ease. Off the public transport routes you can then walk to where you need to go to or pick up an electric scooter or bike to get you to your destination a little faster, and if you are looking to travel a little further afield then hiring a car is the best option.

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Lisbon is split up into different neighborhoods, each with their own distinct feel depending on what you are looking for. If nightlife is at the top of your list then head over to Bairro Alto or Bica where when the sun goes down, the streets come to life with bars and restaurants spilling out onto the sidewalks. In Rossio and Baixa you can follow the tourist trail and take in the most famous sights and monuments, in Alfama and Mouraria soak up the history and Fado and in Parque das Nações walk along the riverfront and do a spot of people-watching in the old expo site.

Modern buildings and shops sit side by side with historic landmarks and traditional cafes in Lisbon, but one thing that brings everyone together is partaking in the morning espresso coffee, drank either standing at the counter on the go, or sat with friends while enjoying a warm egg tart (pastel de nata).

Whether visiting for a holiday or settling into a new life, Lisbon is the little city with an international feel that feels like home to everyone.