According to CNN Portugal, of the award-winning beaches, 347 are coastal (4 more than last year) and 47 inland (3 fewer than in the past).

There are 9 new Blue Flag beaches, 4 re-entries and 12 exits, i.e. beaches that have lost the award.

The blue flags are spread across 103 municipalities (one more than in 2002).

Portugal is thus in sixth place worldwide in total number of blue flags and is the second in the world, after France, with more award-winning beaches in the interior.

The North region has 87 award-winning beaches (5 more than last year). This is the region with the most blue flags, surpassing the Algarve, although the Algarve has more flags on coastal beaches.

Of the beaches chosen in the North region, 77 are coastal and 10 inland.

The Center will have 48 flags on 47 beaches. Of these, 32 are coastal (2 more than last year) and 15 are inland - 4 fewer than in the past, which has to do with the extreme drought and the fires that occurred last year and that conditioned the quality of the beaches.

In the region of Lisbon and Tagus Valley there are 76 that will have Blue Flag, of which 62 are coastal and 14 inland.

In the Alentejo, there are 39 award-winning beaches with 31 coastal and 8 inland.

In the Algarve, there are 85 Blue Flag beaches, all coastal.

In the Azores, there are 44 beaches (two more than last year) and in Madeira there are 16 blue flags.