The new law on decent work introduces a new option on extended and complementary parental leave. This means that after the 150 or 180 days of leave, the child's parents can each take an additional three months of leave, working part-time and receiving, in addition to the salary corresponding to the part-time work, an additional 20% of remuneration through Social Security.

This was reported on 27 April by the newspaper Público, which was told by the Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security that it was created "the possibility that, after the initial parental leave, the parents can get a complementary shared part-time leave up to a limit of 180 days (90 days for each)".

Until now, the part-time work that was foreseen in the law until the 12 months of the baby did not include any kind of support from the State. The Government has not yet explained whether employers are obliged to accept this new modality, which combines part-time work with Social Security support.