According to Notícias ao Minuto, the Navy rescued a British man who was on board a passenger ship that was 115 miles (about 213 km) from the village of Caminha, in the district of Viana do Castelo, yesterday.

In a statement today, the Navy said it received the alert from the Queen Victoria at 16:41 p.m. According to the initial report, the passenger in question, aged 70, "presented heart problems".

"Immediately, the Centre for Guidance of Urgent Patients – Maritime (CODU-MAR), of INEM, was informed, which carried out the assessment of the victim's condition, and the urgent medical rescue was determined," reads the note to which Notícias ao Minuto had access to.

To provide assistance, it was necessary to activate an EH-101 aircraft from the Air Force, which landed at Porto Airport at 20:46 pm. The passenger was then referred to the hospital, and further information about the victim's current health status has not been revealed.