The international public tender for the construction and concession of new buildings will be launched later this year, according to the CCB Foundation, chaired by Elísio Summavielle.

At issue is the new Request for Prior Information (PIP) for the construction of modules 4 and 5 planned 30 years ago, since the initial CCB project signed by architects Vittorio Gregotti and Manuel Salgado, but which “due to functional and historical constraints” remained to be built, the Lisbon Chamber explained to ECO.

This is the second attempt by the CCB Foundation to build the two missing modules, expanding the current building. At the end of 2018, the CCB launched an international public tender for the construction, installation and operation of a hotel unit and a commercial gallery, where shops and offices can fit, ceding the surface rights of the land for a period of 50 years and which counted to date with an investment by the contractor of 65 million euros.