The new programming season begins on 6 May, with the arrival of maestro Jan Zarzyck for the first time to the Azores to conduct the Sinfonietta de Ponta Delgada.

On 11 May, the theatre will show the film “Teresa de Cristo – The Nun of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres”, which explores the journey of the image of Senhor Santo Cristo, present at the Convento da Esperança, in Ponta Delgada.

On May 12th, comedian Luís Franco Bastos will present “Diogo”, while on the 26th of that month, Ana Cosme will take the dance show “O Grito” to Teatro Micaelense.

Brazilian music arrives with the voice of Adriana Calcanhotto who takes the stage on May 29 with “Errante”, accompanied by Domenico Lancellotti (drums), Pedro Sá (guitars), Guto Wirtti (bass), Jorge Continentino (saxophone, flute and keyboards), Diogo Gomes (trumpet) and Marlon Sete (trombone).

The Azorean singer Aníbal Raposo will star in the concert “Luz do Tempo” on June 17th, and on the 24th of that month, the dance studio Ana Cymbron will perform the show “As Quatro Estações”.

Flamenco dancer Eduardo Guerrero will take the stage at Teatro Micaelense on July 7th with “Faro”.

On the 14th of July, the play “Casa Portuguesa”, by Pedro Penim, with Carla Maciel, João Lagarto, Sandro Feliciano and Fado Bicha, will be staged as part of the “Odisseia Nacional” at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.

The program also includes several educational service initiatives, such as visits to Teatro Micaelense and body and plastic expression sessions.