The morning started with video screenings about the work carried out at ARA’s shelter, in the Cabanita area of Loulé. And with the help of the three dogs, the urgency and importance of ARA’s work was more easily communicated.

Origami is a puppy who was left in the trash and was bottle fed and raised by the team; Spirit had its hind leg amputated after a car accident; and, Allegra, who had been abandoned for lacking two legs.

For the rest of the presentation the team addressed relevant points such as the importance of celebrating our differences, why we should adopt and not shop for animals, what to do if we find a distressed animal on the street, the consideration for older animals who also deserve to have a home, and the nobility in volunteering.

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The visit finished with a much-anticipated petting and playing session with Origami, Spirit and Allegra, where both children and adults shared many smiles around these lives who were given a new chance.