Aptos (APT) Price Prediction

Aptos (APT) is a next-generation layer one blockchain, and Aptos (APT) employs a Proof of Stake (POS) consensus mechanism. Aptos (APT) raised a huge amount of venture capital funding, and Aptos (APT) introduced a new smart contract programming language called Move.

Aptos (APT) has a heavyweight team behind it, including former Meta engineers, and Aptos (APT) delivers an incredible throughput of 150,000 transactions per second. Aptos (APT) currently trades at $10 following a blistering run in January, and analysts from priceprediction.net expect Aptos (APT) to trade between $22.37 and $25.43 in 2024.

Uwerx (WERX): Analysis

Uwerx will launch a decentralized hub for freelancers, offering a more cost-efficient, trusted, and secure service than traditional incumbents. Additionally, Uwerx will feature several unique features setting it apart from platforms such as Upwork. Uwerx will feature built-in dispute resolution, transparent pricing, and personalized matching connecting freelancers with employers based on the latter’s budget and the former’s skills.

Uwerx has opened its presale, allowing global permissionless access for all investors to help fund the creation of a decentralized marketplace. Uwerx using a presale means there will be no venture capital funds with large token holdings awaiting unlock. This will enable the price of the WERX coin to appreciate naturally without any hidden sell pressure. Analysts have predicted the WERX token could trade as high as $1.25 by Q1 2024- a massive jump from its presale price of $0.00995.

According to Forbes, workers are spending more time freelancing, with the average weekly hours increasing to more than 1 billion hours per week freelancing, up from 998 million hours in 2015. Uwerx will operate in the center of this booming jobs sector. With continued growth expected over the next decade, Uwerx has quasi-limitless upside potential if it can attract freelance workers to its platform.

The Uwerx Presale Opens

Uwerx can potentially disrupt freelance marketplaces and displace large market incumbents such as Upwork. SolidProof and InterFi Network have already audited Uwerx, showing its commitment to security and investor safety. The team recently announced a twenty-five year liquidity lock when the presale closes. Another massively bullish signal for the long-term future of this protocol and its early presale backers.

Investors who want to contribute to the future of freelancing can participate in the presale by following the links below, and analysts encourage investors to join while WERX is available at a discount and the purchase bonus of 20% is still active.

Find Out More Here:

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network