Chinese company BYD ("Build your Dreams") is one of the largest companies in the world and is dedicated to technological innovation with the objective of "improving people's lives".

According to NM, the company is recognised for being at the forefront of sustainable innovation and for its commitment to the development of environmentally friendly technologies, which makes it one of Tesla's big rivals.

Like the American manufacturer, all BYD vehicles are 100% electric.

"We are excited to present our range of electric vehicles and world-leading EV technology to all Portuguese consumers. New and inspiring alternatives to electric mobility that contribute to actively reducing CO2 emissions. It is an honour to start this journey in Portugal with a partner as experienced and respected as the Salvador Caetano Group. Together, we will provide professional and attentive sales and after-sales service support through a local network of dealerships who share our ambition to provide the best customer experience," said Michael Shu, General Manager and CEO of BYD Europe.

The launch of the brand will take place during the month of May with the arrival of three 100% electric models: the SUV BYD Atto 3, the 7-seater SUV BYD Tang and the sporty sedan BYD Han.